Real Asset Energy Fund III (“RAEF”) will be the third Fund launched by the management team and is the second sub-fund of Solar Investment Group SIF S.C.A. (, a Luxembourg based Fund regulated by the CSSF.

Fund I: Solar Investment Group BV – a Dutch based investment company, invested over €120m in 13 PV energy companies in Italy between 2010 and 2011. Fund I is currently operating above budget and generating dividend yield to shareholders in excess of 16% per annum.

Fund II: Solar Investment Group SIF / Development Fund One – The first sub fund of Solar Investment Group SIF is in the process of completing the investment of €70m in 7 PV energy companies in just over a year. The projected dividend yield of the portfolio is 16%.

Fund III: Real Asset Energy Fund III – Building on the cumulative experience of the team and on the success of Fund I and Fund II, RAEF aims to provide investors with (bond-like) long term stable dividend yields by investing in and operating Renewable Energy power plants.